The glee, the merriment, jubilation and festivity marked the celebration of the Annual Day Function at Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir. A huge number of participants, volunteers, teachers and an expanse of 2000 spectators made the celebration a veritable success.

State Cabinet Minister Medical and Health, Hon’ble Shri Siddarth Nath Singh was the Chief Guest of the grand celebration while the District Magistrate of Allahabad, Shri Suhas L. Yathiraj enhanced the splendor of the function as the esteemed guest of Honour. Amongst other guests present who embellished the occasion were Dr. Neeta Singh and Mrs. Ritu Suhas, eminent members of the governing body, Principals of reputed schools of the city, enthusiastic parents, alumni and media persons. The synergized children dressed in colorful costumes welcomed the invited dignitaries cheerfully and escorted them to their seats.

The reverberating celebration was magnificently woven into magnanimous theme ‘We shall usher the dawn of change’. The lofty theme chosen by mpvians showed their concern over the present degenerating forces that are axing our own roots and strangulating the society thus rendering all good thoughts into a mirage and their determination and commitment to improve the quality of life around them. The programme commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp by the Hon’ble Chief Guest, esteemed Guest of Honour, escorted by Secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta, Principal Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo and other distinguished guests.

This entailed the cultural programme which was an amalgamation of various hues befitting the theme wondrously. A truly applaudable invocation set the programme moving. The audience sat spellbound throughout the short dance as the scintillating performance rented the air with divinity and soulfulness. The whole hearted cheers could measure its success.

The inspiring mentor and the beacon-light who has synergized the Patanjali Group of schools, Secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta, extended a warm welcome to the galaxy of guests. In her address she welcomed the Chief Guest, Hon’ble Shri Sidharth Nath Singh, Cabinet Minister and considered herself fortunate to have him and his gracious wife in the vicinity of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, the school with a glorious past of 31 years. She affirmed her faith in him and said that under his able guidance the state would progress and gain new dimentions.

She also welcomed District Magistrate, Shri Suhas L. Yathiraj and shared with the august gathering those cherished moments of their first meeting with him in his office, which reflected his exuberance, agility and vibrancy and his work ethics. She shared with the audience, his laurels of success, strings of gold medal and his present rank in Badminton as World No. 4 in Men’s Singles. She also appreciated him for setting a brilliant example as the first Indian Bureaucrat to become a professional badminton player. She hoped that he being so concerned and sensitive towards the children, would spare some of his time from his numerous commitments for an interactive session with the students of MPVM and for which she assured him would trigger a chain of reaction amongst them and which would fruitfully be reflected in their endeavours.

She also fondly remembered the school Founder Shri Lokmanilalji and spoke about his lofty mission and great vision. She informed the elites that Shri Lokmanilalji was pioneer of the Cold Storage Industry and a nationalist par excellence.

His belief that regeneration of the nation was possible through education led to the establishment of MPVM. As an educationist he believed that education involves all the aspects of personality development, intellectual, social, spiritual and holistic. She felt proud that by upholding his ideals and with the sincere efforts to transcend them to reality the school has seen expansion. Besides providing education to the affluent classes, the school has also adopted inclusive education where our 2 projects Patanjali Sarva Shiksha Prarambhik Vidyalaya & Mahila Swavalamban Prashikshan Kendra are providing free education and all the facilities available in the infrastructure the poor children from the nearby vicinity and also running women empowerment centers to raise the self esteem and dignity of the less fortunate women of the society.

Dr. Krishna Gupta appreciated the dynamic and the enterprising Principal, Smt. Sushmita Kanungo for her excellent logistics who is leading the school to glorious heights. She appreciated the theme of the magnificent celebration and was gladdened that the self-directed and determined children are ready to face the challenges and offer solutions to them. She was delighted to inform that to be spiritually conscious, socially responsible and morally upright is the core dimension of MPVM.

‘Sandhaan hi Samadhan’ was staged next by the ebullient students of the school which captured the essence of the show conveying the message that confidence, determination faith in oneself, the will power and the courage to live by their own ideals and principles was an answer to the curb the widespread corruption, nepotism and nip in the bud serious crisis of character faced by the nation. The props and the costumes added colour to the spectacular performance. The mesmerizing renditions of classical genres that traced the evolution of music regaled the audience to the roots of their being and thus paving the way for the musical excellence. The parents were dumbstruck with a feeling of pride and awe as they witnessed the performance of their wards in the School Anthem and the song ‘Mutthi Mei hai Akash’. The rendition of the song and the rhapsody by the school orchestra was aligned with the theme that anything could be achieved with firm resolve. Quwalli was, yet another riveting performance that drew an unceasing applause. Numerous misconceptions and confusing switches and misunderstandings were skillfully and humorously etched in a English play ‘Mother’s Day’ which served as a lucrative ‘entertainment for the audience. The beautiful perfection and timings attained in the rhythmic movements, the spontaneity and the happy moods of the junior section students resonated through their vibrant, beautiful dance performance.

The performances by the inmates of Mahila Swavalamban Prashikshan Kendra and Patanjali Sarva Shiksha Prarambhik Vidyalaya were also highly appreciated by everyone who had come to attend the function. The flight of their dream and the confidence to achieve it won the hearts of each and everyone.

The school Principal, Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo presented the progressive School’s ‘Annual Report’ to the august audience. Addressing the parents, whom she said that she considered them the backbone of the great superstructure like MPVM, expressed her elation in sharing with them the pursuits of mpvians striving for excellence. She said that they not only have brought kudos to themselves but also added to the greater glory of the school. She proudly said that the school’s emphasis to encourage the students to reach out for excellence, developing the capacity for sustained effort in mastering skills and realizing the value of self-competition were visibly reflected in their achievements in various spheres. Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo also expressed her indebtness to the Chief Guests and the Guest of honour for sparing their valuable time, and for their kind words of appreciation for her school. She expressed her deep gratitude to Secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta, for being the guiding light in all the pursuits. She also praised the teachers for their involvement and dedication and the students for the positively to usher in the dawn of change. 

The Hon’ble Minister was visibly impressed by the brilliance of the spontaneity and thought provoking performances of the MPVM students and encouraged their enterprise.  Congratulating Dr. Krishna Gupta for the kind of education provided in her instituton. He spoke volumes about the fusion of tradition and modernity at Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, which according to him was lacking in other schools. Sharing his school days memories and experiences, he confessed that they were deprived of the opportunity to learn about their rich culture heritage. But at the same time, he gave his school education the due credit in shaping his personality. He compared the contribution of Shri Lokmanilalji with that of Shri Madan Mohan Malviya ji who had the same plane if thought, He said that just as Shri Malviya gave B.H.U. to the nation, similarly Shri Lokmanilalji has given the temple of learning, like Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir which upholds the highest ideas of life. He congratulated the Principal Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo and wished that he could also have received education from institutions like Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir.

He advised the students that the values they are imbibing at MPVM, would always pay dividends to them in their future course of life. He congratulated them for being blessed to be a part of such an institution. He offered, his and the District Magistrates help to Dr. Krishna Gupta required in the development of sports facilities. He suggested to expand the school and go vertically in the infrastructure to provide the sports facilities for indoor games. He requested the teachers to identify the potential of their students and focus on their development. He also requested the parents to encourage and support their children and promote their latent talent.

The Guest of Honour, the District Magistrate of Allahabad, the iconic figure for the Indian youth, in his crisp message to the parents urged them to trust their children’s talent and the choice of their career. He said that it is understandable that each person wishes to see his ward placed successfully in his life. Citing his own example, he owed his success to his father and said that the key to success is that a child should be allowed to use his own discretion in making a choice of his career. He encouraged the students and said that life is full of challenges and one should never be deterred by them. Quoting some beautiful lines from Shayari, he inspired that them they should always let the hearth burning no matter how strong the wind blows. He agreed with the views of the Shri Siddarth Nath Singh and appreciated the confluence of tradition and modernity found in the ethos of MPVM.


The vote of thanks was proposed by Sri Madhukar Gune, who congratulated Smt. Sushmita Kanungo for the laudable performance of the school and Dr. Krishna Gupta for her unflinching support and guidance in writing the success story of the school. 

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