Guru Purnima celebrated at M.P.V.M. 2016

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Guru Purnima celebrated at M.P.V.M. (2016) ************************************************** Guru Purnima, which happens to be the Foundation Day of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, was celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Continuing with the theme of the year ‘Preserve with Pride’ the programme commenced with the Guru Stotra by the school choir. A very crisp speech was delivered by Apoorva Das of X-D which highlighted the importance of a ‘Guru’ in a ‘Shishya’s’ life. A group song, based on ‘Raag Bhupali’ on Guru Mahima was presented by the school choir. Various activities were conducted for different classes on this occasion. Class 6 students had the Food Festival in which the students displayed healthy food items like salad and sprouts. The students of class 7 made Health Booklets in which they wrote about ‘How to keep your Body and Mind Healthy and Fit’. Class 8 extended the school garden by preparing pots with different plants to keep the surroundings green and eco-friendly. Class 9 had an extempore and all the topics given to them were related to the teacher and the taught relationship. Pranjal Singh of 9 F was declared the winner followed by Yash Singh of 9 E and Piyush Tripathi of 9 B getting the 2nd position and the 3rd was Shreshtha Agarwal of 9 F. The theme for the collage for class 10 was ‘Aggression in teens and its solutions’. Debate was conducted for Class 11 on the Topic ‘Indian Culture has lost its essence for the youth’ and the winner was Shivani Verma of 11 A4 who spoke ‘For’ the motion. The 2nd position was bagged by Vareesha Irfan of 11 A2 and the 3rd by Swapnil Sahu of 11 A1. The Principal Smt. Sushmita Kanungo wished the teachers & the students on this occasion and congratulated everyone on the school’s 30th Foundation Day.

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