MPVM Celebrates Rashtriya Ekta Diwas 2015

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MPVM Celebrates Rashtriya Ekta Diwas------>>. Under the observation of ‘Vigilance Awareness Week,’ Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, Allahabad held various activities to uphold CBSE’s support for the cause of, fighting against corruption. The theme behind all the activities was to promote transparency, probity and integrity in public life. Various activities that reflected the above mentioned theme kept the students not only engaged in the interesting presentation but also created awareness on deterring social evils that have become widespread in our society and are effecting adversely on the development of the nation. Class VI & VIII made colorful posters on the topic ‘Transparency, an-anti-dote to corruption’ whereas Class VII wrote thought provoking slogans on the topic ‘Preventive Vigilance’ which highlighted the issues that need to be eradicated to ensure prosperity. Class X staged a ‘Nukkad Natak’ – ‘Citizen participation for Preventive Vigilance’ that offered solutions and measures towards preventive vigilance at various levels of functioning and thus bring efficiency, transparency and accountability to help reduce corruption. Class XI presented convincing arguments on the topic ‘Preventive Vigilance sin-quo-non for Equitable growth’ through a debate competition, while class XII penned their ideas on the topic ‘RTI Act’ – a deterrent to corruption’ which stressed on the role of preventive vigilance at various levels that contribute in strengthening the system of governance by making it more efficient. Principal, Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo blessed the children for their endeavor shown in their quality presentations and encouraged the students to be vigilant of various social issues that are degenerating the society. She showed her confidence in them that they can bring about the winds of positive change by being sensitive towards the important social aspects of the society.

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