MPVM Forms Human Chain with Swaraj Vidyapeeth 2016

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MPVM Forms Human Chain with Swaraj Vidyapeeth (2016)----------------------------------------------->>>> The celebration of Swaraj Week by the students of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir concluded when they joined their hand with the Swaraj Vidyapeeth to form ‘Swaraj Sankalp Chain’, at Chandrashekhar Azad Park. The mission behind forming the chain was to raise awareness amongst the denizens of the city about the prevailing social evils and encouraging them to combat against the tide of corruption. The Patanjalites played a significant role in the mega celebration as they gave a clarion call to the vast number of onlookers through their eye opener Nukkad Natak which earned the appreciation of the educated classes as well as the common masses. The Nukkad Natak covered the burning problem that are uprooting the culture of India and degenerating the society. The tricoloured posters carrying meaningful messages in the hands of 200 Mpvians as they marched in the busiest hours of the day left indelible impact on the minds of the passersby who stopped to imbibe what the young enthusiast Patanjalites wanted to convey. Principal Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo motivated the students to be sensitive about their duties towards the society as they are the future citizens and nation builders. Hony. Secretary Prof. Krishna Gupta expressed her delight that the MPVM students go beyond the classrooms and play their responsible roles. Mr. R.C. Tripathi and Mr. Swapnil from Swaraj Vidyapeeth praised the undaunted spirit of the students which could not be deterred by the heavy pouring showers. Others who joined the ‘Swaraj Sankalp Chain’ alongwith with the Principal Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo and Hony. Secretary Prof. Krishna Gupta were Mr. A.K. Singh, Mrs. Padma Pandey, Mrs. Mrignainy Arya, Mrs. Abhilasha, Mr. S. Guha, Mr. S.K. Agarwal, Mrs. Gopesh, Mrs. Shashi, Mr. V.K. Dwivedi, Mr. S. Kakkar and Mr. Mahendra.

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