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Motivational Workshop organized at MPVM A motivational Workshop was held at Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir, on the 3rd of January 2015, which was organized by Oxford University Press, India. The Resource Person for the day was Mr. Jose Paul, who is the Ex-Director of Educational Planning Group, St. Xavier’s School, Delhi. The workshop was attended by all the Principals and teachers of Patanjali Group of Schools. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Mr. Jose Paul, Dr. Krishna Gupta and Smt. Sushmita Kanungo. Sri Saumitra Guha rendered shloks based on ‘Gyan Yog’ from Srimad Bhagvat Geeta. The Resource Person Mr. Jose Paul and the gathering were welcomed by Smt. Gopa Bhattacharya. The workshops conducted by Mr. Jose Paul primarily focus on developing the qualities of leadership and personality development for students. For teachers he conducts Motivational Workshops and today in the workshop he talked about the positive relationship between the teacher and the taught. Such a relationship would make both of them motivated and inspired to learn more and more. Talking about his experience, he told about 4 types of people who have brought change in his life, i. e. students, teachers, his Principal in St. Xavier’s School and his 11th Class Mathematics teacher. Mr. Paul continued his workshop by saying that teaching is a ‘Beautiful Profession’ and if the teachers consider it this way they will continue enhancing themselves as teachers. The teachers should have love for the subject, competence in the subject and they should be lovable persons. During the workshop a clipping of ‘Ted Talks Education’ was shown, in which Rita Pearson told that Teaching & Learning should be a joy and it could only happen if the teacher and the taught have a human connection. The touch of a masters hand can bring a change in the students. Certain activities were conducted during the workshop which benefited the teachers. The vote of thanks was extended by Smt. M.N. Arya.

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