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In continuation of the week long Swaraj celebrations in MPVM, the students of standard X showcased power point presentations today; which marked the sixth day of the entire week.

The students diligently upheld the spirit of swaraj and nationalism, and conveyed the message that ‘Nation stands on the foremost'. The presentations were power packed with strong patriotic messages, and historical facts and events. Our national heroes and their values were held in the highest esteem. Our achievements and aspirations also took a major place in the presentations. Inspirational songs in the background filled every viewer with enthusiasm and a zeal to look forward to the national cause. In view of the swaraj week the presentations also emphasized on the use of products that are indigenous to India.

The students also showed their meticulous technical prowess which gives us great pride and satisfaction to speculate as to what heights of technology the next generation can take the country to.

The first, second and the third prizes were bagged by X-E, D and A respectively.

In her speech, the principal of the school, Smt. Sushmita Kanungo threw light on the importance of imbibing a nationalist feeling amongst all.

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