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After being associated with MPVM for the past 20 years, I just happened to think as to what is the true spirit of MPVM; What is the core value which makes MPVM stand apart from all other regular schools in the city; Why do we see every year, Parents desperate to seek admission for their wards in MPVM?

All these questions made me contemplate on the unique spirit of MPVM which includes our focus on knowledge, scientific thinking, values, discipline, character building, love for the Nation etc. An MPVian student when goes to the outer world, his face shines with the confidence of not only his academic knowledge but also the radiance of Indian values & etiquettes; the roots of which were sown in his school days. Recently in the 'Alumni Meet', all those pass-out students who are now well placed & successful in their career, while sharing their experiences, accepted the fact that the values they learnt in their school days helped them tremendously in their interviews and jobs. They acknowledged the contributions of MPVM teachers in shaping their personality & making them not only a successful person but also a good human being.

To carry forward, our lofty ideals I take this opportunity to voice my thoughts to all the Parents and teachers of the present generation, because a united effort and an extraordinary team spirit of the two gives impetus to the school to move forward into an ever widening course of action. It is so because the teachers and the parents constitute the backbone of an establishment like ours, the backbone that supports the whole superstructure like the great spreading roots of a tree. Here I would like to quote John Dewey, that "Working together, in a genuinely unifying manner, we need to find a new language of values that affirms our enduring commitments to solidarity, not domination, to human rights and the need to focus our efforts in advancing human possibility."

It is the teachers and the parents who can cultivate core universal values among the children. It is the joint effort of the both that can contribute towards the unconditional happiness of the youth. Unless the parents render their support to the institutions who aim for quality education and unless the teachers render their unflinching support, the mission cannot be achieved.

Experience has proved that intellectual development through experiential learning contributes to holistic development. You should fully agree with me that education is joy and fulfillment. Young people have this in abundance. It is upto us that we provide our children the garden to flower in their own way and at their own speed. It is my earnest appeal to the parents to understand these inter-generational differences and to evolve the means to resolve the growing gap in this world of 'googledom'.

Today, when the world stands at the verge of moral extinction, I would like to express my thoughts with the words of 'Lourdes R. Ouisumbing, "We need a new educational paradigm which embraces the totality of human person, develops his intellectual, emotional and behavioural powers and faculties, an education of the mind, heart and will, an education that respects the sacredness and the uniqueness of every individual, prepares the students to be free, responsible, critical and creative, just, peaceful and caring citizen of a nation and a global citizen of multi-diverse, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural world".

I emphasize on values and seek your co-operation, because we accord a high place to the various aspects of personality as mentioned, and that can be achieved through incorporating them in the curriculum through various celebrations and activities where each student realizes his intrinsic worth and potential and without the co-operation of the two components, i.e; Parents and the teachers we cannot keep the torch of our lofty aspirations burning. Undoubtedly, there is a dire need to bring about a radical change in our system of education to make it more meaningful, more purposive, more skill oriented and value-oriented. Let us join hands to make our education system strong and direct our efforts to make it more nourished, strengthened and developed in the light of the critical needs and conditions through which humanity as a whole is passing today.

Through this appeal to the teachers and the parents, I'm trying to open the door between the school and the house because both play a crucial role in the holistic development of the child. Divorced from each-other's understanding, support, and sharing, both become rather ineffective. School and home are social institutions and they have to establish a vital rapport with each other. The parents and teachers should look at the child in totality as he lives his life at home and at school. Only then, complete education can be provided to him/her. They should render their full support and co-operation to promote such activities that focus on the all round development of the children.


Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo



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