Chinmaya Jyoti Illuminates Minds at MPVM

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Chinmaya Jyoti Illuminates Minds at MPVM-------> Holistic development cannot be complete without spiritual experience and students at MPVM partook of the extraordinary experience of knowing Swami Chinmayanandji on his birth centenary year by viewing the Chinmaya Jyoti Rath carrying information about his life and achievements. It contained unique pictures of his life and works. The students watched spellbound and took inspiration from it. The whole day went by in conducting various activities and workshops for the students. A special interactive session was arranged for the students of Class 11 who were addressed by Swami Chidrupanandji. The enlightened session had its sparks of humour as the speaker brought forth serious thoughts capped in the language and expression of the young students. He explained the meaning of discipline and how children need to learn to resist temptation and train themselves to be disciplined. The interactive session conducted by Swami Chidrupanandji was graced by Hony. Secretary Prof. Krishna Gupta, Treasurer Sri Ravindra Gupta, Sri Yashovandhan, Smt. Rekha Baid and the Principal Smt. Sushmita Kanungo. Another group of students of Class 10 was addressed by Swami Raghavananda. He spoke on ‘life’, its essence and meaning. He explained that life is “a series of challenges.” Swami Santosh addressed the students of Class 9 and he spoke on “fear”. He said that fear was not real and existed only in our minds. He even told them how to rid themselves of fear. The chief aim of the workshops was to tell the students the thoughts and views of Swamiji. All these Swamijis wished to inspire the students so that they could set an example for the others to follow. All through the day, the students were given useful messages which would hold them in good stead in their future life.

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