Founder's Day Celebrated in MPVM 2017

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Founder's Day Celebration at MPVM 2017 It was to renew the vision of our founder. Shri Lokmani Lal , that the Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir , Allahabad celebrated the founder Day on 20 December 2017. Our secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta along with the Treasurer, shri Ravindra Gupta and the Principal Mrs Sushmita Kanungo lighted the ceremorial lamp to the usher in the auspeciusnes, abundance and knowledge. The prayer by the school chori rented the air with divinity and soulfulness. Our secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta inspired the students with her even inspring words and blessed them to reach to the summit of success. Shri Ravindra Gupta told student many encouring incidents related to the founder life. Their speech to the founder's life. Theri speech narrating the founder journey of life was opt for the occasion as the student got the opportunity to learn about shri Lokmani Lal's ideology and philouthropic ways. The Programme culminated with a vote of thanks offered by Mrs. Neerja Singh.

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