International Yoga Day Celebration at MPVM

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International Yoga Day Celebration at MPVM---> Today, on 21st June 2016, the premises of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir was full of students, teachers, NCC Cadets along with their NCC officer Mr. S.K. Jaiswal and students of Patanjali Sarva Shiksha to celebrate the second International Yoga Day. Though the school already provides Yoga classes to students but today a special mass yoga assembly was organized to highlight the importance of the day. The huge gathering of people including the Principal of the school learnt many yoga postures like Vrikshaasan, Bhadraasan, Vajraasan, Bhujangaasan, Shavaasan, Makaraasan, Anulom Ė Vilom, Ujjai, Kapalbharti etc. The Yoga teacher Mr. Shailesh Mishra started the yoga programme with a prayer and taught various yoga postures very skillfully. To fulfill the founderís (Sri Lokmanilalji) vision that is to make a healthy, happy and prosperous society the school organizes yoga session every year to help students as well as teachers to maintain their physical and mental health. At the end of the programme everyone took the pledge to commence their day with yoga and pranayams to remain healthy, happy and peaceful.

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