Investitures Ceremony 2014-15

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Investiture Ceremony held at M.P.V.M. The Investiture Ceremony of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir was held on the 2nd of August 2014. The newly appointed office bearers for the session 2014 -15 took oath to take up the responsibilities with full devotion and dedication. The Head Boy, the Head Girl, Associate Head Boy, Associate Head Girl, Sports Captains, House Captains and Vice Captains, Prefects & Sub Prefects were presented with the prestigious badges by the Principal Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo. The programme commenced with a motivational song by the school choir followed by the main ceremony. The outgoing Associate Captain Anushka Dey handed over the school flag to the Principal, who then handed over to the new Head Boy Shubhendu Upadhyay and the Head Girl Shailja Singh and so did the outgoing House Captains to the new House Captains. The Head Boy took the oath on behalf of all the office bearers. The Head Girl, in her speech promised to scale ahead along with her team and to take the school to newer heights. The House captains Somyesh Dutt Tripathi (Vishwamitra House), Satyam Rai (Valmiki House), Ayush Srivastava (Vivekanand House), Akash Agarwal (Vyas House) and Mridul Maurya (Vashishta House) pledged to achieve their goal of being on the top most position. Riya Vaish and Ashutosh Yadav, the Associate Head Girl & the Associate Head Boy respectively showed their zeal & enthusiasm in shouldering the responsibility to bring more laurels to school. The Principal in her speech, wished the outgoing office bearers good luck for their future endeavours and handed them the certificate of appreciation. She urged the new team to shoulder their responsibilities with full enthusiasm and become responsible citizens of the Nation. The ceremony ended with the school song and the National Anthem. List attached. OFFICE BEARERS : 2014 - 15 Head Boy Shubendhu Upadhyay XII A4 Head Girl Shailja Singh - XII C Head Prefect Siddhant Yadav - XII C Associate Head Boy Ashutosh Yadav - XI A4 Associate Head Girl Riya Vaish - XI B Sports Captains 1. Kunwar Aditya Vikram - XI A4 2. Pramudit Mishra - XI A4 House Captain Vishwamitra House 1. Saumyesh Dutt Tripathi (Captain) - XI A4 2. Animesh Srivastava (Vice Captain) X A Valmiki House 1. Satyam Rai (Captain) XI A4 2. Rupali (Vice Captain) X D Vivekanand House 1. Ayush Srivastava (Captain) XI A4 2. Menka Singh (Vice Captain) X B Vashishta House 1. Mradul Maurya (Captain) 2. Suchismita Sur (Vice Captain) X B Vyas House 1. Akash Agarwal (Captain) XI C 2. Mahima Patel (Vice Captain) X D Prefects 1. Erish XI C 2. Soumya Upadhyay - XI B 3. Aditi Pandey XI B 4. Varun Agarwal - XI B 5. Shivank Shukla - XI A1 6. Prateek Srivastava - XI A4 7. M. Himanshu - XI B Sub Prefects 1. Srijita Chakroborty X D 2. Mansa Narayan X F 3. Shashank Pandey X C 4. Saharsh Nigoshkar X D

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