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MPVM Celebrates Guru Purnima --> The students of MPVM celebrated Guru Purnima on 31st of July in their usual unique way. The day started with a special morning assembly. The students presented their thoughts and feelings and talked about the essence of Guru Purnima. They presented a variety of programmes – bhajans, personal expressions, and even a talk show. After the morning assembly, the students geared up for an intense debate on the topic “Money is the root of all evil”. Participants from class - 11 spoke for and against the topic. Winners were declared amidst much excitement. The junior students of MPVM unleashed their artistic talent in myriad ways. Students of Classes 5 and 6, expressed their thoughts on paper through drawings on the theme – Guru Purnima. Students of Class 7 expressed their creativity on the same theme by making collages. Thereafter, an elaborate stage programme started with a lot of bustle and activity. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp and chanting followed by a mesmerizing bhajan from a student of class XI, Jalaj Srivastava. Thereafter, the students of classes 8-10 presented ‘Episodes from the Ramayana’. Each house presented a special, meaningful episode from the epic. Vyas House presented the scene when Vishwamitra requests King Dashrath to send Lord Rama and Lakshman to his ashram to protect them from demons while performing religious activities. Vishwamitra House presented the scene of Sita’s ‘Swayamwara’. Vashishtha House presented the heart wrenching scene when Kaykai requests king Dashrath to grant her two wishes and asks him to banish Rama from the kingdom. Vivekanand House very aptly presented the kidnapping of Sita. Valmiki House presented the episode when Lord Rama befriends Sugriva and Hanuman and defeats Baali. Hon. Secretary of MPVM, Prof. Krishna Gupta appreciated the programme staged by the students whole-heartedly. She told the children about the importance of Guru Purnima which also happens to be the foundation day of MPVM. She talked about the importance of respecting the school, the teachers and the whole idea of receiving knowledge in the school - this should be the success mantra for all. To make a wonderful end, Principal MPVM – Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo announced the result of the Inter - House Competition. Ist position was taken by Valmiki House, 2nd position was taken by Vashishtha House and 3rd position was taken by Vivekananad House. She congratulated the students and the teachers on the grand success of the programme.

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