Sports Day 2018

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MPVM HOSTS ITS ANNUAL SPORTS : VALMIKI HOUSE LIFTS TROPHY Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir held their Annual Sports Day on the 21st December, 2018, at Madan Mohan Malviya Stadium. The stadium wore a majestic look with colourful flags festooning the field, students in their different house attires and even the house teachers showing their allegiance to their respective houses by dressing in their house colours. Competition and excitement hung in the air. The Chief Guest Lt. Col. Gyan Prakash along with his wife Mrs. Anjali Sharma, as the Guest of Honour were given a befitting welcome by the girls belonging to the school NCC, followed by tokens of love given by Hony. Secretary Dr. Krishna Gupta. The Principal of the school Smt. Sushmita Kanungo welcomed the Chief Guest. She spoke highly about the accomplishments of the Chief Guest and expressed her happiness to have him and his wife Mrs. Anjali Sharma on this significant day. She described Lt. Col. Gyan Prakash as a true soldier standing rock solid in his service to his country. He represented the epitome of sacrifice, serving his country through sleet and snow in the challenging terrains of the Siachen Glacier and fighting counter insurgency at our borders. The Principal also welcomed the Guest of Honour Mrs. Anjali Sharma whom she described as a pillar of strength enabling Lt. Col. Gyan Prakash to dedicate himself unconditionally to the service of his nation. The Chief Guest released colourful balloons and thousands of eyes scanned the sky to see them going upwards symbolizing the aspirations of the sports students to raise their level of excellence. Thereafter the Sports Meet was formally declared open by the Chief Guest amidst cheers and clapping of the audience. The School Flag proudly bearing the name of the school was hoisted. The arrival of the torch bearer filled the stadium with a sense of solemn thrill and the sports athletes made a proud run with the flame to the mass cheering of the students, guests, and the parents. The School Captains Naman Dwivedi and Oorja Mishra took the oath on behalf of all the athletes to abide by the rules of the games and do their best in the field events. The School Anthem was presented by the School Choir which articulated the legacy, the values and the aspirations of every MPVM student. The March-Past by the five houses namely Vashistha, Vivekananda, Valmiki, Vishwamitra and Vyas highlighted the sports discipline of the school. The March-Past was led by the school captains Naman Dwivedi and Oorja Mishra and each House led by the House Captains marched to the beat of the school band. There was a grand display of mass drills. Little Bajrangis by the students of Classes 3, 4 and 5 showed the strength of the countless sprightly children as they bore the heavy maces in their little arms. Students of classes 1 and 2 performed their drill “Phool Phool Par Aati Titli” in perfect unision. There was a spectacular demonstration of self-defence skills by the girls of Class 7 in their drill named “Our Girls Brigade”. The students of the Senior Secondary Section presented a cosmic drill where Yoga was deftly woven into rhythmic dance form to depict the energy of the Trinity : the Creator, Preserver, and the Destroyer. The Pyramid display by each of the five houses was another spectacular event. Each of the pyramids depicted a particular theme and the artistic pyramidal arrangement, the synchrony of movements with the background music, the combination of balance and strength showed the fitness level of the girls and boys at MPVM. Vashistha House was declared as forming the Best Pyramid. The Sports Day gave ample opportunity even to the students of the Primary Section to showcase their skills. In the race ‘An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away’ Children of Class 1 dressed as apple and doctor raced in pairs, in ‘The Fox and the Grapes’ students of Class 2 showed their skill in bursting green balloons, in ‘Our Mighty Warriors’ Ashutosh Gupta of Class 3 alongwith his team was the winner, in ‘Getting Ready for the Party’ Vishwamitra House of Class 4 was the winner and in ‘Clean the City’ the winning team from class 5 was quickest in cleaning the litter. The various track and field events of the secondary students showed their zest and intense vigour to bring glory to their Houses. The most glorious moment for the winners was when they stood at the Victory Stand to receive their medals from the Chief Guest and the Guest of Honour. Dr. Krishna Gupta also gave away medals and certificates to proud winners. Races like Pair – Race, Lemon – Race were held for the teachers, Couple Race for the Parents and Flat Race for the Support Staff. The Chief Guest Lt. Col. Gyan Prakash spoke highly about the events of the Day. He appreciated the theme of the Sports Day which mentioned celebration of health and happiness. He said that sports was the most effective medium of character building and nation building. He requested the parents to provide opportunity to their children to play for their physical and mental development. He encouraged the students to set their targets high because nothing is impossible, give their 100% to every work so that later they may have no regrets and as students to study hard and play well. The Hony. Secretary of MPVM Samiti Dr. Krishna Gupta said that their enthusiasm and spirit was really catching and impacted the spectators. MPVM believes in holistic development and therefore sports was an important part of the curriculum. Sports not only builds physical fitness and generates mental alertness, but students also become confident, avoid monotony add joy, bring variety and develop sportsman spirit. She appreciated the team work of the Principal and the teachers along with the students that made the day so successful. Valmiki House was declared as the Winner scoring 492 points followed by ecstatic jubilation of the teachers and the students as they posed for photographs with the Winning Shield. The vote of thanks was proposed by the Sr. Secondary In-charge Mrs. Mrignainy Arya. The day came to a close with the handing over of the School Flag to the Principal by the Head Boy and the Head Girl followed by the singing of the National Anthem. The Sporty ones who made it to the Victory Stand are as follows : Best Athlete : Girl (Class 7 & 8) Shubhangi Best Athlete : Boy (Class 7 & 8) Shivansh Thakur Best Athlete : Girls (Class 9 & 10) Shaurya Singh & Yashi Khera Best Athlete : Boys (Class 9 & 10) Tanmay Agnihotri & Aditya Singh Best Athlete : Girls (Class 11 & 12) Ankita Upathyay, Dhwani Singh, Madhurima Gupta Best Athlete Boy (Class 11 & 12) Maitraye Patel and Shubham Pandey

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