Trip of Amritsar

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MPVIans fly the Indian Flag at Wagha Border With the noble intension of seeking to develop in young minds qualities of self-reliance, dependability and leadership, students of class Xll along with 12 teachers, headed by the principal was taken for their trip to Amritsar. Our journey started under not very encouraging conditions due to the unavoidable situations of the delaying of the train. We seized the chance and optimistically pressed on, and we decided we would ignore the challenging circumstances. The students were taken to Bela Devi Temple at Pratapgarh. Which seemed as an oasis amidst the unfavourable situation. The next leg was balm to aching eyes as immediately on reaching majestic R.V Continental, the students freshned up after a quick meal and was taken to the world famous ‘Golden Temple’ ..The reflection of the beautiful and lighted temple in the holy sarovar, the sparkling vicinity and the cool gentle breeze illumined the hearts and spirits of the entire troupe. After a session of photographs everyone returned to their rooms of the hotel. The next morning everyone woke up early and after a healthy breakfast of the famous Amritsari kulcha and halwa, hot coffee under their belts moved to the next leg of their journey in their sparkling uniforms and cheerful faces. The visit to Ramteerath temple and the famous Durgana temple was another remarkable experience as a lot of information was gathered by the students about the history of theIndian legends. The next phase of the evening was the most awaited chapter of the trip in which the school team visited the Wagha Border. The experience can only be described with the phrase “Seeing is believing “ .The invigorating exhortations of “vandematram “ intensified the spirits of the entire group. The MPVians were privileged lot amongst the thousands of gathering who were invited by the commanding officer of the beating retreat to run to the border gate holding and waving the tricolor with reverence and pride. Amidst the thunderous cheering, the mpvm girls danced vigorously on the tunes of patriotic songs. The never to be forgotten experience was imprinted on the minds and hearts of everyone. The final release was witnessed in the D.J. night when the students danced with vigour, vitality and enthusiasm dressed up in their best of attires. The last day of the trip also had much to be experienced , seen, and felt. The enthusiasts were booming with energy on the breakfast table ready to launch into the last phase of venture. The students were taken to the one of the most famous historic spot of the country “jalianwallah Bagh”. It seemed as if each and every one were transcended to the era which was once a hearth of freedom movement and struggle. The links with the present wee served asthe “Shahidikuan” the “28”bullet marks on the walls of the ancient structure, the heart-touching information gathered in the museum came alive stirred everyone’s souls. The visit to the splendid “ Golden temple” to pay the ardaas thrilled everyone to the core of their hearts as the pious beauty, the serenity, coupled with the singing of “shabad” moved everyone. Finally the markets of Amritsar were flooded with the mpvm students and teachers as if ready to carry each and every famous souvenir in the form of popular eatables, the renowned 'phulkari' work, and ‘jutis’, the ‘karahs’ and the ‘kripaans’.the return journey was full of sweet memories of the place and the children joyfully returned to the parents to share with them their memorable experiences.

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