Trip to Udaipur 2016

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MPVM Excursion – 2016 to Incredible Udaipur--------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>> Believing in the fact that school excursion is a powerful and positive teaching tool to enhance the social, personal and emotional development of all learners, this year too class XII students went on a trip to ‘Kashmir of Rajasthan : Udaipur, a destination, which was on our radar for the past so many months. Surely, extra stimulation in new environments can help teach life skills and improve independence. Moreover, there is no denying of the fact that memories of school educational trips are amongst the most prominent memories of the school life, largely because they serve as a welcome break in the busy routine. The enthusiastic and fully charged brigade of 144 could be seen brimming with energy at Platform 8 of Allahabad station, waiting for Ajmer Sealdah Express which was 20 hours late and ultimately arrived at 9 p.m. Soon the students occupied their berths and with that started the exchange of chats and eatables, games, singing and dancing. The long journey of 24 hours ultimately culminated as the troupe reached Ajmer and after a quick dinner at ‘Ashirwad’ restaurant settled for the night journey by Volvo buses to incredible Udaipur. After a few hours of rest and a filling breakfast, the students were taken to splendid Lake Fatehsagar. The boat ride in the lake was a visual treat that made everyone radiant and juveniled. After having the boat ride to heart’s content, we visited Moti Magri which overlooks the Fatehsagar lake on whose atop is the memorial of Maharana Pratap in the form of bronze statue astride his favorite horse ‘Chetak’. The visit to Bhartiya Lok Kala Mandal was yet another amusing experience enjoyed by everyone in which the interesting presentation of puppet dance was aimed to restore the vanishing folk culture. The post lunch phase was the visit to exotic masterpiece of the city, “The City Palace”. Walking through the fort courtyards was akin to walking to another era in history, art and culture. Its architecture depicted a fusion of the Rajasthani and Mughal’s royal presence and thus a magnet for national and international tourists. The final phase of sightseeing culminated at Hathipole, the largest market of the city where the students shopped endlessly collecting souvenirs for their families and friends. The DJ night was the last segment of unleashing the energies where the children danced to their favorite tunes dressed up in their best of attires. The experience of the city of gorgeous lakes lapping against the shimmering white buildings, beautiful lush gardens, inspiring palaces and forts, vibrant colourful lifestyle was a memory to be cherished for a life time. Our next destination, the wonderful city full of eye pleasing architectural marvels was Chittorgarh which evoked the memories of great heroism and sacrifice. The Fort perched atop 180 m high hillock is a standing sentinel to the courage and valour of Chiltorgarh. The courtyard where the supreme sacrifice of ‘Jauhar’ was performed reverberated with history of heroism, Rajput pride, romance and spirit epitomising the fiery spirit of Rajput women, especially Rani Padmavati, more popularly known as Queen Padmini, and the famous Bhakti Saint Meerabai. The hectic day ended with the exciting surprise arranged by the Principal, Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo when the students checked into the luxurious resorts and discovered for themselves the bonfire, the dance floor and the swaying thunderous music in the huge lawns of the Pushkar Regency Resort with dinner spread out from one corner to another. The last phase of the excursion was the visit to the temple town Pushkar known for the only Brahma temple in the country which is a sneak peek into the Hindu culture and rituals. Thereafter, the group of 144 went for Ziarat, the holy darshan, to the splendid tomb of the Sufi Saint Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti at Ajmer. Walking through the main street heading towards the main gate of Dargah with numerous shops of chadars, flowers and other worship items on both the sides exuded a unique charm. The homage at the holy shrine where the girls carried the pious chadar and the boys holding baskets of flowers was a spiritual experience which made everyone ecstatic. As the children boarded the train for their return journey after a 4 day’s long trip, they realized that the purpose for the excursion which was essentially to educate was served besides which, it was a fun bonding experience for everyone not only amongst each other but also with their teachers which makes MPVM a school with a difference and its students an MPvian forever.

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