Here we would like to furnish a brief information of the facilities provided to each individual student of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir wherein they are exposed to a wide variety of experiences in a safe structured and a learning environment. We provide the best education backed by excellent infrastructure that a mind needs for a better learning and development.

Classrooms (Picture) -  We have classrooms which are spacious, well-lighted, airy, child friendly and conducive to a good learning environment.

Smart Class  (Picture) - is provided in each classroom to enhance the teaching learning process through PPT, Question Bank, Activities and Animations etc.

The Physics & Chemistry Labs (Picture) : The school has well-equipped labs to enhance the learning of the students. The students handle scientific apparatus like multimeter, Polaroid’s diffraction grating etc. to build the scientific temper. The school provides chemicals of quality brand like BDH, Qualigens and glassware of Borosil brand.

Biology and Biotechnology Labs  (Picture) - The air-conditioned Biology and Biotechnology labs  boast of adequate infrastructure including refrigerated centrifuge, laminar air flow hood, BOD incubators, human torso and over 100 rare and old specimens of plants and animals. The labs set up on modern technology encompasses molecular biology, protein, bio-chemistry, Chromatographic technologies etc.

Computer Labs (Picture) -       The air conditioned computer labs are equipped with latest aids and extensive software library. They serve as the InfoTech hub as they provide to the students multiple world class servers, storage systems and firewalls.

Math Lab Picture - also provides innumerable activities for the students which makes the subject interesting and absorbing.

Science Park (Picture) -           A never before Science Park in the city provides everything that a mind needs for a better learning and development. It is structured to teach the fundamental laws of science in a playway method. The Laws of Motion, Inertia, Oscillation, Time, Wave Length, Sound, DNA Models etc. are various important topics that the children learn in an innovative way.

Library (Picture) - :          The school has a well stocked and a computerized library with nearly 30,000 carefully selected books, educational CD’s and DVD’s welcoming the students with open arms.

Gym ( Picture) - :    A multipurpose gym with highly sophisticated equipments caters to the needs for physical fitness among staff and students.

The school playground & Sports (Picture) - :            With aim of developing life-skills such as resilience, self-confidence, consistency and leadership in our students the school provides unabated opportunities for nurturing talents along with superlative sports facilities.

The school playground provides special blocks for Athletics, Basket Ball, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Throw Ball, Cricket, Badminton and Yoga. Besides these indoor games facilities of Carrom, Chess, Table Tennis and Multiple Board Games are available to develop the intellect and engage the students in productive manner.

Specialized coaching is provided by professional coaches every morning in the disciplines of Basket-ball, Athletics, Yoga, Volley Ball, Aerobics, Gymnasium and Taekwondo.

Adventure camps that evoke excitement and exploration through fun filled sports and adventures activities are provided every year.

Music & Dance Room (Picture) - :        Students learn to play varied string instruments, percussion instruments and wind instruments. Students are also taught various forms of classical dances and are trained in vocal music.

Lift  (Picture) - :    Advanced modern Lift is provided for the use of children & teachers to reach class rooms and labs. Lifts have facility of automatic reverse device in the situation of power failure.

Medical Facilities (Picture) - :    The medical centre provides health care (Preventive and First Aid) to students and staff of the school. Annual health check-ups by specialists for eye, dental and general check-up are conducted for which the reports are issued to the students and the records are maintained.

Charitable Homeopathic Dispensary (Picture) -: The school also runs a charitable homeopathic dispensary which provides free medicines and consultations by a qualified doctor to students, staff, teachers and parents.

Safety and Security (Picture) - :    Round the clock security is provided through Guards stationed at every gate. Identity cards are issued to students carrying of which is mandatory. Fire fighting system is installed in each block of the school. 24 x 7 CCTV surveillance with cameras is provided to keep a view of the entire campus for the safety purpose.

Generator Facility (Picture) : -The facility of the generator backup and exclusive power connection is available throughout the day to ensure nonstop 24 hours power without interruption in the school for the students for a comfortable environment.

Transport (Picture)  -: Speed governors and GPS Systems are installed in all the buses. An Attendant and a bus In-charge Teacher are present on every route.

Multipurpose Hall (Picture) -   A centrally air conditioned multipurpose hall with a seating capacity of 300 is used for workshops, seminars, symposia, personality development camps, entertaining and transforming activities. It is equipped with art audio visual equipments for advanced preparation and demonstration of dramatics, lectures etc.

School Canteen (Picture) provides healthy and nutritious food to the children which is regularly monitored for cleanliness & hygiene.  

Drinking Water (Picture) - Water Filters and Water Coolers are implanted on all the floors for the students. The school has its own water boring and solar powered boring to give sufficient supply to the need of water.

Toilets : Clean toilets are available on all the floors for boys and girls for convenience. Girls are provided with sanitary facilities in case of emergency. Uniforms are kept to provide to the girls in special circumstances if the dress gets stained. The toilets are cleaned every 30 minutes during school hours to ensure proper hygiene. 

Special Classes ( Picture )  are held for the students free of cost to train them for various competitions such as NTSE, Olympiads etc.

Remedial classes ( Picture ) are also conducted for the children who cannot perform well in the examination to keep them at par with other students.

School Excursion ( Picture ) - Believing in the fact that school excursion is a powerful and positive teaching tool to enhance the social, personal and emotional development of the learners, we organize excursions, picnics and field trips for the students.

Internet Facility ( Picture ) - Free access to internet is provided to each student throughout the year including the holidays to prepare projects, assignment, research work and study.

House System ( Picture ) -   The students are divided into 5 Houses named after visionaries whose ideals and virtues are benchmarks of commitment, selfless dedication and success. Qualities of leadership, teamwork, zeal and enthusiasm are fostered through the system. Children participate in various cultural programmes, competitions at interschool, state and national level.

Personality Development ( Picture ) : Programmes are woven into the fabric of school curriculum to ensure the growth of their personality. The expense of the material required for various activities such as charts, papers, scissors, ribbons, colours, rangoli colours, dresses on hire etc are borne by the school. The school also provides free transport and conveyance if the students participate in competitions held outside the school of the city.

School Counsellor ( Picture ) - The school provides an inclusive and enabling environment to all children with valued needs. Hence, the school offers individualized remediation for the young learners based on their specific needs by providing a paid Clinical Psychologist as the School Counsellor.

Inclusive Education ( Picture )  - Transforming the lives of the less fortunate is not a lip service to be paid on anniversaries but a living reality at MPVM. The school runs two successful projects for the underprivileged sections of the society namely- Patanjali Sarva Shiksha Prarambhik Vidyalaya and Mahila Swavlamban Prashikshan Kendra. The children from Patanjali Sarva Shiksha who perform at par with the MPVM children are brought to the main stream of the school. 

Towards the Green School ( Picture ) - The school realizes that it has a significant role to play in not only spreading awareness about problems and challenges related to national resources but also inculcating desired ethics and attitude towards the environment. Thus to sensitize the students, various competitions, projects, rallies and awareness activities are conducted for the students which are a part of the school activity calendar such as Wild Life Library, Paper Bag Making and School Yard Habitat Road Shows etc.

To conclude, it is humbly submitted that we remain steadfast to the belief that the fundamental task of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir is nurturing of the child’s personality and development of character. Were we not convinced of this we would not have invested considerable sums of money to provide our pupils with greater opportunity to draw out their unique talents and we have sufficient reason to believe that our emphasis on multidimensional activities have had the intended stimulating effect on the student’s performance in academics and creative fields which makes MPVM, a School with the difference and has been awarded as ‘The Best CBSE School’ by SIEMAT in 2009 and Hindustan Media in 2011.  




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