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All the students are expected to take part in Inter- house activities. The following areas of activities shall be covered, on the basis of various clubs.

  1. Naturalistic Club   : Green Audit- Field trips, pollution check, monthly usage of electrictiy. Energy, water, Air, Earth Groups etc.
  2. Heritage Club : Study on Heritage Monuments, Projects- Field Trips, History of Heritage Hotels. Preparation of Documentaries & Blue Prints on Preservation.
  3. Debating Club : Inter House Debates, Extempore, Story Narration.
  4. Athenaeum Club a) English Dramatics b) Hindi Dramatics { Case study of famous characters & Role play c) Science/Social Science (Displays) Swaraj Group
  5.  Techie Club   : Movie Making, Animation, Photo Editing, Vitual Tour, Graphic Designing.
  6. Ignited Minds Club : To prepare question banks, conducting quiz, preparing for state and national level.
  7. Art Club       : Painting, Poster- making, ceramics, Face & hand painting, sketch portrait making, clay modelling, murals, handicrafts.
  8. Diverse Music Genres Club a) Inidan Music     b) Western Music    c) Instrumental


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