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General Information

Our Motto

Excellence in education

Our Goals

  1. To provide comprehensive integral education for the all round development of student's personality.
  2. To explore and guide the full blossoming of one's potentialities and talents helpful in better career planning and actualization of cherished goals, so as to be a productive member of the society contributing one's best in the social and national development and as such render due service to the humanity.
  3. To foster courage and conviction for following the righteous path in personal and social life based on universal values and vision.

Pattern of Education

The school is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi. It prepares students for the All India Secondary and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examinations. The medium of instruction is English. Teaching-learning for Hindi and Sanskrit languages is also given due importance. At Senior Secondary level the school is recognized for the Science, Commerce and Humanities streams.

Academic Year

The academic year is normally from April to March of the following year. The school will be closed for summer vacation and winter vacation as per the Holiday list given. 

The whole session would have various test & examinations as per the Academic Calendar given.

School Rules

  • All students should bring their school diary to school everyday and note down the assignments or any instructions given in the class either by the class teacher or subject teacher.
  • Information pages attached to the diary be duly filled in along with a recent photograph of the student and signature of the parents and guardian, if any.
  • Students are responsible for making up all the work missed during the period of their absence.
  • No medcial leave will be granted during tests and term examinations  for all the classes and the student in case of being absent would have to appear for a retest.
  • For promotion to the next class, the student should achieve minimum 33% marks in Unit Test Half Yearly & Annual Exam and 33% in aggregate , in each subject.
  • Cases of unfair means in the examination will be dealt with very seriously. The student gets a zero in the subject in which he/she has used unfair means. At the end of the session if he/she passes in the aggregate, he/she is promoted to the next class. If not then the student will have to repeat the same class.If the student repeatedly indulges in unfair means in an Academic Session, he/she will be issued a T.C.

Compulsory Attendance

  • It is a must to be regular in attendance. In no case the attendance could be less than 75% otherwise the student will be debarred from annual examination and board examination and thus detained in the class. Monthly attendance will be indicated in the diary at the end of every month. The guardians must check it and sign if any notice is sent to them about the shortage of attendance. The guardians should take the notice seriously and contact the school authorities as early as possible.
  • Any student suffering from any infectious or contagious disease should not attend the school. After recovery, he/she must produce a fitness certificate from a registered doctor.
  • Students are not allowed to leave the school campus once they have entered the gate or given attendance in the class. However, under special circumstances, a student who has to go back home during school hours must bring an application from either of his parents explaining the reasons for leaving early and obtain a gate pass from the principal's office. Application written by student himself will not be entertained. Students cannot leave the school without being accompanied by the parent/guardian or some authorized person, stated b the parent. No student would be allowed to leave early during the Unit Tests. or Terminal Examinations.
  • All students are expected to attend the school from very first day the school reopens after each of the vacations. Those absent due to illness must submit a medical certificate before they may be allowed to attend the class. Any student who is absent for three consecutive days without any information to school, after any vacation, his/her name will be struck off the rolls and readmission will be at the discretion of the Principal. The readmission charge is one month's extra tuition fees along with other dues and charges.
  • Application for issue of T.C. at the end of the school session should be submitted within a week of the declaration of the annual examination result. After submitting the application for T.C. , the office should  given one week time for the processing of T.C.  


  • Students must come to school punctually and regularly, neatly and tidily, dressed in the prescribed school uniform. No student will be allowed to attend school without being in uniform.
  • All students must report to school at least 5 minutes before time and attend the assembly. School gate will be closed when the assembly begins and 3 late coming in a  month would  lead to strict disciplinary action.
  • Whenever students move from one class to another they must move in a proper line without making noise. No shouting or whistling is allowed any where in the campus.
  • Student are expected to behave decently among themselves , also with teacher, office staff, visitors and outsiders. Any disobedience, misbehaviour, rudeness or use of foul language will be seriously dealt with.
  • Any act on the part of the student which may adversely affect the school environment or its image will be treated as a case of serious indiscipline.
  • The students should not bring motor vehicle, scooters etc. within the school campus unless they have valid licenses bearing the same date of birth as registered in school record and have secured the permmission form the school authourities to do so. Students using cycles should park their cyclces at the assigned parking place in a proper way and also lock it properly. Parking of scooters, motor cycles, mopeds and even cycles outsides the school gate is not allowed and the school does not hold any responsibility for any loss of the vehicles parked outside its campus. Students are also advised to get the cycle/other vehicle pass made after payment to the concerned authority.
  • During teaching periods, students may enter or leave the class room only when it is urgent and that too with the teacher's permission. They should use excuse pass & duty  pass while going out of class.
  • Students are expected to greet the Principal, Incharges, teachers, office staff, fellow students and elders with polite salutations and also pay due respect to everyone.
  • The students must bring all the prescribed books and note books subject wise as per the time-table of the day, and look after their belongings.
  • The students are not allowed to bring with them any valuable items such as money, costly work item etc., for if any of these is lost, the school will not entertain any complaint, nor be responsible for the loss.
  • All academic work should be noted down and completed promptly and regularly. Any assignment or project work given by any teacher must be submitted to him/her on the due date.
  • Students must take part in extra-curricular and co-curricular activities in the areas they are interested in. Students are not to refuse participation in activities of the school.
  • The students should see that their class rooms remain clean, seats and other things are kept properly arranged. The dustbins must be used for disposing off waste materials. Littering the class or any area of the school campus will be seriously  dealt with.
  • Writing or drawing anything on walls, blackboards or furniture, etc. is strictly forbidden. Any damage caused by student/students will be made good by them either individually or collectively as the case may be. Any student who notices any damage being caused by somebody must report that matter to the Class teacher/Teacher Incharge/ Principal immediately.
  • The school reserves the right to issue T.C. to any student whose behaviour or progress in studies is found steadily unsatisfactory or his attendance is very poor.
  • The school reserves its right to suspend or even to expel a student for any act of serious indiscipline, with or without warning.
  • Wearing Bangles, bracelets, rings or any other kind of jewellery is not allowed. Mobile sets, cameras, I-pods or any electronic gadgets are not meant to be brought to school. Such items, if confiscated, will not be returned  then and action will be taken against such students. The article will be returned to the Parents only after the Annual Exam result.
  • Students are not allowed to bring crackers, colours to school. Bursting of crackers and playing with colours is liable to lead to expulsion of the student. Extra accessories which are not a part of the school uniform, are not allowed. Extra accessories which are not the part of  school uniform, are not allowed. Sporting large, fashionable and designer wrist watches are also not allowed. Girls are not to put mehndi or nail-paint or grow long nails.
  • Boys should keep their hair short. Fashionable cut & style of hair, using of gels etc. is not allowed. If needed, he school may get the child's hair cu after giving warnings, by calling or sending to a barber.
  • Boys are not to wear low-waist trousers. If needed, they may be debarred from the class for not following the school rules.
  • Students should not bring books, literature, CDs etc. which are not fit for their age. If confiscated, school would take strict action against them and it would be retained with the school.
  • After the school dispersal, every student is expected to go home instead elsewhere. However, if any student does not reach home, the school may help in locating the child but will not hold any responsibility for his/her dissappearance. In serious cases, the school may take strict action and disallow the child from using any transport services or even issue a TC to the child if the intentions of the child is proven to be harmful or the parent's behaviour towards the school is negative and accusative.


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