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MPVM Samiti felicitates the West Bengal Governor October 2017

MPVM Samiti felicitates the West Bengal Governor 


It was a historic and defining moment for Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir and MPVM Ganga Gurukulam as they paid their rich tribute with much grandeur and reverence to the Honourable Governor of West Bengal, Shri Keshrinath Tripathi through their spectacular skit presentation ‘Jashn-e-Sanchayita’; a spellbinding performance in which they tried to recreate the magical aura, of the timeless gem who has influenced everyone around him. 

The much awaited programme began with the lighting of the lamp by the Honourable Chief Guest Shri Kesharinath Tripathi, Hon. Secretary the Patanjali Group of schools Prof. Krishna Gupta, Treasurer Sri Ravindra Gupta Shri Giridhar Malviya, Sri Madhukar Gune, Director Academics and Principals MPVM and GG, Mrs. Sushmita Kanungo and Mrs. Alpona Dey respectively. The auspicious lamp lighting ceremony was accompanied by the divine chanting of mantras from Bhagwat Gita by MPVM choir which was followed by a scintillating dance performance on ‘Bhaje Bhaje Kamandalam’ whose lively music set the souls free, thus uplifting the spirits and soothing the senses of the august distinguished gathering.

Prof. Krishna Gupta extended a warm welcome to the reverend Governor Shri Keshrinath Tripathi whose name is synchronous with progressive ideas and whom the people fondly remember for the diverse good that he does to them in various capacities, as a benefactor, an advisor, a scholar, a leader, a friend, a relative and above all, a sensitive poet which makes him stand apart from others as altogether an uncommonly common man. She welcomed the renowned dignitaries of the city, Shri Giridhar Malviya ji, Shri Shyama Charan Gupta,            Shri Harsh Vardhan Bajpai for their reassuring presence. In her address she said that the day was significant for MPVM family as they were blessed by the benign presence of Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi. According to her he is eternal source of inspiration for Patanjali group of Schools. Allegiance and dedication are the guiding principles of his life thus simplicity and humility are the distinguished traits of his personality she confessed that he has always been a source of inspiration during our challenging times and said that he has always endeavored to remove the ills of the politics through compassion and love. She admitted that after reading ‘Sanchayita’ she came to know and appreciate the poet in him. It was a matter of great admiration, that in addition to being an adept leader, his heart overflows with the immortal fountain of love and compassion. She also appreciated his unclenches efforts to save humanity through the message  conveyed in his inspirational poetry She informed that he has presided many Kavi Sammelans abroad. She was elated to address his as ‘Gandhi’ of the contemporary times.

It was followed by the grand presentation ‘Jashn-e-Sanchayita’. The dramatic presentation ‘Jashn-e-Sanchayita’ was a deep plunge into the essence of his remarkable poetry. Exploring the terrain of his awe-inspiring poems, MPVM students depicted various magnificent phases of Shri Keshrinath Tripathi ji’s life. As the enthralled audience delved into the depth of his poetry, represented by MPVM students in the form of recital of his poems through the role plays of various stages of his life, they got the glimpse of his tempered wisdom, his austerity & simplicity, ethical purity, spiritual serenity and his resolve to usher in the winds of positive change.

The program depicting his magnetic excellence was a befitting salute to the stalwart who remains a pillar of strength for the Patanjali Group of Schools. The highly impressive power point presentation prepared by the students of Ganga Gurukulam that ran parallel with the presentation given by the students of Maharshi Patanjali Vidya Mandir enhanced the effects of the show.

The poem recital of the self composed poems by the budding poets of MPVM & GG which followed, received the appreciation by each one of the reverend gathering. The thunderous applause received by them rendered them motivated and inspired, thus enkindling the spark of the artist in them. Thereafter Honb’le Governor Shri Keshari Nath Tripathi ji, Shri Giridhar Malviya, Prof. Krishna Gupta, Shri Ravindra Gupta, Smt. Sushmita Kanungo and Smt. Alpona Dey were invited to grace the dais.  

A formal felicitation was given to Honourable Governor as a token of gratitude after the presentation. Treasures Shri Ravindra Gupta presented him the Shawl and Hon. Secretary acknowledged her appreciation by presenting the citation which was read out by Shri Surya Kant Jha.

Thereafter the august gathering was bestowed with honour as the acclaimed poet Hon’ble Shri Keshrinath Tripathi recited some of the poems that are close to his heart from’ Sanchayita’, a book authored by him and known for its poetic brilliance rendering invaluable service to the domain of literature.

The recital of his most insightful poems that held a powerful healing effect ignited the elite audience as the message they carried depicted the dawn of a new horizon. The recital session captured the allegiance of everyone who was present for the felicitation ceremony.

Acknowledging the obedience paid by the students of MPVM & GG, Sri Kesharinath Tripathi  : the great humanist and the embodiment of sterling character spoke volumes about the captivating performance of the students. In his address he confessed that life has stored in many surprises. He expressed his indebtedness for the exquisite show presented by the students. He acknowledged that when his own creation came back to him in such a beautiful shape, it touched his heart. He fondly remembered school Founder, Shri Lokmanilalji. He said that whenever he is present in the school vicinity, his memories of inextricable ties with Shri Lokmanilalji are revived. He congratulated Prof. Krishna Gupta and Shri Ravindra Gupta for taking the Patanjali Groups of Schools to the glorious heights. He expressed his opinion that Patanjali Schools have carved a niche in the city and could be called as the best institution playing their rightful role in the society by giving them enlightened citizens who are equipped in right values and ready to play the responsible roles in the society. According to him the transformation of the society can only take place through education. He said that Patanjali Schools are committed towards the holistic and all round development of the students which is the dire need of the contemporary lives. His heartfelt encouragement given to the budding artists of MPVM and GG worked as the nourishment recipe for the students as it provided the spark that gave a boost to their latent talent. They were also awarded with the merit certificates for their excellent presentation. Shri Giridhar Malviya also spoke high about the presentation of the children.

Special recognition was given to Shri Harsh Vardhan Bajpai and Mrs. Abhilasha Pandey, MPVM teacher who scripted and directed the play.

The vote of thanks was proposed by vibrant treasurer MPVM Samiti Sri Ravindra Gupta who thanked Hon’ble Kesharinathiji for taking out time out of his numerous commitments. He also thanked Shri Giridhar Malviya and Shri Harsh Vardhan Bajpai Vajpayee for their encouraging presence. He appreciated the students of MPVM and Ganga Gurukulam for their excellent performance.  

The programme came to an end with the singing of National Anthem.



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