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Dayakanti Devi Award 2011

The teachers who were honoured with the award for the year 2011 are:-
Mrs. Alpona Dey   Mrs. Neerja Singh
Mrs. Alpona Dey for Innovative Teaching and Inspiring Leadership.   Mrs. Neerja Singh, for Outstanding Managerial Quality and Contribution towards Social Service Projects of the school.
Mr. A.K. Singh   Mrs. Divya Srivastava
Mr. A.K. Singh, for Contribution towards School Sports and School Discipline.   Mrs. Divya Srivastava, for Outstanding Achievement in Science Teaching in Sr. Secondary Classes.
Mrs. Padmavati Pandey   Mrs. Vibha Srivastava
Mrs. Padmavati Pandey, for Effective Coordination and Teaching in Secondary Classes.   Mrs. Vibha Srivastava, for Effective Coordination and Teaching in Primary Classes.
Mrs. Vinita Singh   Mrs. Mrignainy Arya
Mrs. Vinita Singh, for Outstanding Contribution in Co-curricular and Cultural Values.   Mrs. Mrignainy Arya, for Innovative Ideas and Creative Writing.

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